Welcome to Wehodl, a place for investors to get maximum gains from their crypto investments.

Wehodl will help you gain maximum profits from your small investments.

Wehodl started in 2019 by a team of tech entrepreneurs who have worked in crypto mining and trading in the past. The architecture is built on the blockchain supported by ERC20. Smart Contracts are used to ensure transparency for both; the users and the investors.

Wehodl aims to open up the world of crypto investments globally. Our algorithm is designed to save and maximize your profits from small investments and with a reduced risk factor.

What is Wehodl?

Wehodl is an investment platform that collects data from trusted sources like crypto exchanges and, in return helps the investors in turning their savings into gains in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform uses Smart Contracts and a smart algorithm to ensure transparency and security. Even if you are a beginner, you could get started on the platform and start an amazing journey with us.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile in nature, and price changes occur frequently. These factors make crypto investors hesitant in taking part in crypto investments. Wehodl provides a solution to this problem by reducing the risk factor of cryptocurrencies. Our algorithm provides a proper guide for investors based on market trends and real-time data collection.

In short, our platform will take care of the risk and other associated factors and provides you safe and secure profits from your crypto investments.

What makes WEHODL unique


Thanks to blockchain, Smart Contract is one of the best applications to ensure the security of contracts. There is no middleman in the smart contracts and are executed automatically when the required conditions are met. Wehodl uses smart contracts technology to ensure security and transparency. Wehodl has its integrated crypto wallet for the management of user assets. The wallet is decentralized, so you will have full control over your private keys without any intermediary.


The algorithm designed by the Wehodl team is advanced when it comes to collecting data from sources and presenting users with useful insights so they could make their investments decision.


Architecture of Wehodl is based on collecting data from different sources, analyzing the data, updating the data, and helping the users making the trading decisions.


Fun Fact: If you bought 50 USD worth of Bitcoin every month and started five years ago, your Bitcoin would be worth 10712 USD.


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